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Madura Garments; Marks & Spencer

We helped two garment Manufacturing Majors Madura garment exports and Marks & Spencers to save more than 40% in office and factory lighting using T-5 HO Fluorescent lamps from GE Lighting.



We were hired to study their factories with respect to energy and submit cost-cutting appraisals. Therefore, We undertook detailed energy audits in 12 factories belonging to these two majors and submitted energy savings proposals. One of the important recommendations was in the area of lighting.


Few Factories and offices belonging to these two companies had been fitted with T-8 fluorescent fittings which are inefficient and energy guzzling. Light intensities were also insufficient as per international norms. In some cases, 2 X 2 fittings with 36watt CFLs were fitted.


It was recommended to replace the T-8 Fittings with T-5 lamps as retrofits.


T5 fluorescent light bulbs are often overlooked as an excellent option for specific types of lighting in new construction and remodel projects. T5 fixtures can often be found in office lighting where ceiling direct/indirect fixtures supply the ambient illumination over workspaces. T5’s are also frequently used in wall wash applications and in high bay direct lighting installations.

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