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The Four Seasons Hotel Doha is located on the seafront, 12 km from the airport.

Four Seasons Hotel is a traveller’s haven fashioned to the finest international standards.


The management of Four Seasons Hotel, Doha in order to ensure the safety of the electrical installations in their facilities opted for an electrical Thermography scan of all the electrical switchgear. In order to do so, they hired us who are represented by the local Agent MEDCO, Qatar.


We deputed a team of 3 engineers to carry out the study. They were coordinated by the staff of Four Seasons Hotel, Doha to conduct the study on 30th, 31st July and 1st August 2012. A total of around 500 images were captured.


We follow N.E.T.A. Maintenance Testing Specification, for electrical equipment, which is in accordance with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A and which is the recommended standard for infrared inspection of Electrical Systems. Accordingly, the interpretation of each of the thermograms has been brought out in the report.


Problem areas were identified and fed to the Four Seasons Management for further action.


Other Power Quality Audits were carried out in Merweb Hotel, Qatar, Ritz Carlton, Qatar. Energy efficiency lighting was also implemented in Sea Line Beach resort, Qatar


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