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Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam Limited has launched an ambitious plan to develop land adjoining the Almatti dam site as a major recreational centre capitalizing on bountiful resource of water in the reservoir and its surroundings to project the dam site as an important major tourist spot. The landscape development included construction of various world historic gardens like Moghal Garden, Italian Garden, French Garden and Rock Garden.


These gardens are open to the Public. Hence, to make these gardens beautiful and safe to Public, KBJNL came up with a Project to illuminate the gardens.

We partnered with  KBJNL in executing the 1st phase of the project which was to design, manufacture and implement landscape lights at the Italian Garden. During this project, we did the following:


  • We designed, manufactured and supplied Stainless Steel 3ft Bollards and 4.5 ft Path lights which are very aesthetic and has increased the beauty of the garden. The design was made in such a way that the Bollards are completely Water Proof. The materials used in Bollards are high grade 304 Stainless Steel. Provision is made for Loudspeakers and Energy Efficient LED Bulbs of 6W.  


  • Bollards are made of Stainless Steel 304 Grade to ensure a life of more than 25 years and Zero maintenance.


  • A bollard fitted with Loudspeakers provides music to Public and to make announcements through Public Address system throughout the Park.


  • Supplied 10W RGB LED Focus Lights to highlight various important areas and 5W RGB LED Underwater Lights to increase the beauty of the ponds.


  • The Power of the LED Lights and Sound System are provided by 4KW Solar Photo Voltaic Plant with Battery Backup. All related materials such as 200Wp Solar Modules, 96V, 300AH Battery Bank, 5KVA Solar Inverters for the project are supplied from MNRE approved Makes.


  • Supplied all other related materials such as Cables, Power Amplifiers, LED Downlights, Data Acquisition System for Lighting Status through GSM.


  • All Civil activities including the construction of 10ft X 10 ft Battery Room, SPV foundation and Pedestal and Conduit Fittings.


  • Installation and Commissioning of all Electrical Components.


The 2nd Phase of the master project is to implement Landscape lighting in 77 Acres of the  Moghul Gardens. Following Tasks have been carried out:


  • Supplying and installation of LED Bollard Lights of 3’ and 4' with a loudspeaker



  • LED Downlight 10W,


  • LED Focus light 10W,


  • Supplying and fixing Energy Battery and control system penal,


  • PA racks 500w and equipment,


  • Audio System 2 core 10sqmm copper armoured cable for lighting,


  • 2 core 6sqmm copper armoured cable,


  • Excavation and filling of trenches for cable laying,


  • Construction of Control room with the wiring.



In the 3rd Phase of the Project, we are continuing to do the following:



We are providing LED street light fittings, which are fabricated with die cast aluminium with the suitable heat sink.

For LED lights polycarbonate transparent cover with IP 66 Protection.


  • 72W LED Street light fittings with high energy efficient LED's.

  • Supply of CFL mirror light fitting with 2x11W CFL Lamp.

  • Supply and commissioning of Energy Tracking and control system panel with the solar based operation for programming the switching ON/OFF for the lighting system, remote energy monitoring and control system using GSM/CDMA technology.




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