Anand BR

Anand is an accomplished, results-oriented executive with demonstrated success in the Retail and financial services industry. He has created and driven profitable business lines from scratch, that has gone on to become mainstream; thus creating shareholder value. He is a multi-disciplinarian who brings strategy development and execution, business and product development, as well as innovation.


As a Startup evangelist with 18 years of diverse and progressive experience specializes in developing business and transformation strategies & has worked with the senior leadership of a number of global & local organizations in helping them transform their businesses in preparation for the future. He has been helping organization layout their future roadmaps against an agenda of constant change. He frequently shares his experiences at industry forums.

The great insight of Retail Business in multiple markets, product categories, and consumer behaviour through hands-on experience in India and overseas market. Recently he was honoured with the citation of '100 Top Retail Minds of India ' from Asia Retail Congress at the 14th Edition of Asia Africa GCC Retail & Shopping Centre Congress.

His last corporate assignment was as Business Lead & Vice President for the Apollo’s newly formed Joint Venture between Lycos Internet under the name Apollo Lycos Net commerce Ltd, helping brands to go online through their end-to-end e-commerce capabilities under one roof.

Previously he was a part of the first team which set up an i-mint, now Payback. He was instrumental in launching the first coalition loyalty program across India. Prior to Telibrahma, he was part of the senior management team which established Pinpoints unique rewards program along with multiple banks called Extra, which eventually took over by MasterCard.

Prior to Augray at Telibrahma he joined as Vice President for their newly created Retail division to head the alliances and new product initiatives. During his stint in Telibrahma his brainchild “Brandclub” first of its kind POS media for retailers got the provisional patent. Orchestrated and initiated M&A for Telibrahma.

He always believed in entrepreneur approach with an instinctive ability to inspire and get inspired, lead people through confidence, logic & fair play

Anand is a post graduate in Business management and alumnus of IIM, Bangalore. He is an avid traveler, loves to play all sports and he has been running marathons across the major cities.

Nalin Kanshal

Nalin completed his Engineering from Bangalore University in the year 1996 and has about 21years of experience in the energy efficiency and renewable energy field. He has undergone training extensively in energy efficiency and Renewable energy under organizations like TERI, CPRI, etc.


He is a certified Energy Auditor under BEE and has conducted more than 400 energy audits in various Industries and Commercial Buildings.


 He has been instrumental in implementing almost 28 ESCO Projects in Government as well as Private sector and overall about 450 Project in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sector.

He has conducted about 14 international and National Conferences and seminars in the energy sector. He represented India at the 3-country cross Exchange of ESCO companies organized by the World Bank.


At Beijing, China, he was instrumental in getting the President’s Award from Dr Abdul Kalam for Best Commercialization of Indigenous Technology in the energy demand-side management sector, Best Practice Award from Government of Karnataka, Best ESCO Company Award from Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas for his Company Elpro Energy.


He is empanelled on the energy committees of various Chambers of Commerce and Industry and National and International forums. His area of specialization is energy efficiency, Turnkey project management, energy financing and Performance contracting. An avid book reader of Management Books and Journals, Scientific and Technical Literature, he is also an energy evangelist guiding young minds from engineering colleges across India to foster innovation and build new products and devices which solve current and future problems in the energy and water ecosphere.


While he is not delving in the energy field, he spends his time pursuing his hobby of cooking.

Mayank Kela

A passionate Leader with a successful track record in setting up new headways for some of the top global companies in India. In last 13 years, He has worked with large companies at a  crossover or a nascent stage where he has been able to make a valuable impact on the growth. He is a well-rounded person with keen interest in new technology, its implementation, and constant improvement.


He has worked with companies like Samsung, Puma, Titan Industries and Future Group. Key deliverables have been Retail Marketing, Process Innovation, Retail Operations, Branding and Identity, Marketing Operations and Sales.


In his last assignment, Mayank was responsible for overall Brand visibility and Product launches for Samsung Mobiles in India. He was instrumental in setting up India’s largest Field Marketing Operations and processes to ensure a constant connection with the offline customer. To eradicate any misuse by manpower in the vast operations, technology processes were implemented. For the work done, his energetic and passionate team won various business awards. During his tenure, work administered by him won various awards at the external podiums like Asia retail Congress and Images Retail.


Mayank’s official journey started in the year 2005 after passing out from NIFT Delhi. During his college, he floated an agency which started to develop websites and direct emailers in Java and HTML. He joined Pantaloons in 2005 to work on store expansion and that took him around in North and West India.


In 2006, he joined Titan Industries to handle overall marketing for World of Titan for North Region. He got ‘Hall of Fame’ award for market excellence and new initiatives.


In the year 2007, he was handpicked to initiate the Visual Merchandise and Retail Identity department at PUMA India. For his unparallel energy and contribution to the bottom line of the company, he got ‘Retailer of the Year’ award in 2007-08. In 2009, Mayank went to handle Retail operations and sales for the West and North region.


While everyone loves to travel, he takes his travel very seriously and treats it as an opportunity to learn new cultures, food habits, meet new people and get exposed to new and unique ideas. He is a certified open water Diver who loves to trek. He has a keen interest in different genres of Music. His wife and close friends think he is an excellent cook.


All things in Nature inspires him and propel him to work for a better world in the true sense.

Ramesh Murthy

A customer focused and visionary technology executive, Ramesh brings over 2 decades of experience in spearheading service/Product Ideation, development, execution and strategic planning in the Information Technology and Consulting industries.


Ramesh has been practising the core value of #customerforlife for more than 20 years. What sets Ramesh apart is his relentless focus on customer outcomes and customer value realization.


At EcoProsus, he leads the overall IT and Business strategy Alignment of the company. Ramesh has held Leadership Roles across Accenture, Wipro, Siebel etc Prior to being an Entrepreneur.


Ramesh is Energetic leader known for the ability to envision and create successful outcomes in complex situations.


Ramesh has successfully been part of driving these startup business of   Tejasco and StridesIT.

Nitin Kanshal

Nitin heads the Research and Development for Ecoprosus. With over 25 Years of experience in the field of IOT & IT based Energy management systems and devices, he drives innovation for Ecoprosus.


He has worked in various organizations during his tenure with CMC at Tata enterprise, Reliance Electronics and Elpro energy. He has a couple of copyrights in the field of software for energy management by the name of 'ETraCS' or Energy tracking and control systems. Currently, he is also leading the ambitious research project on "Development & Commercialization of low-temperature Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack" for de-centralized power generation and automotive applications.


He is a certified Energy Auditor by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Government of India.


He has had hands-on experience in various fields that have given him a creative outlook in coming up with innovative solutions in designing instruments, software and even devices with an effective blend of science, communication and technology.


His inquisitiveness leads him to deliver all his undertakings with a pragmatic approach. He takes a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence and its increased integration with existing technology, to effectively cater to the various consumption platforms.

Ramesh Singh

Mr Ramesh Singh has over 40 years of experience in leading enterprises in the Clean Energy space. He did his Engineering from IIT Roorkee (formerly known as University of Roorkee). He started his career with  Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Indias leading defence public sector enterprise.


In his Illustrious career, he has founded multiple technologies lead companies serving the energy space. He is the recipient of the National Award from the Hon President of India, Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for successful commercialization of an Indigenous technology which was hailed as a path-breaking technology for saving energy.


Mr.Ramesh Singh's career revolves around the global advancement of creative enterprise.


During his time in Bangalore, Mr.Singh has implemented various business programs in different regions, teaching local entrepreneurs and SMEs-both amateurs and well-established; ways to diversify their craft, seek leveraged informational resources and gain access to new markets.


With these experiences in hand, he founded Elpro, a company known nationally and internationally for its vision towards sustainable development.



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