Energy efficiency is the number one goal to promote sustainability of energy in the world and to reduce the carbon footprint is revolutionizing our daily life activities by tracking different scenarios and making intelligent decisions to improve our lifestyle and to protect our environment.


With the growing adoption of technologies like cloud computing and big data, we have introduced “Eco-smart” which is fully integrated into connecting the data from various systems and make it readily available to the end user, whether it is for analysis or for controlling the various energy consuming systems.


Eco-smart IoT-enabled energy efficient project has the advantages of low-cost automation, monitoring continuous data, data analysis and automatic control of systems.

Eco-smart is a very powerful tool in building management systems. It utilizes low energy sensors, actuators and network to measure, analyse, monitor and control the systems in a Business Energy Management system (BEMS). With proper implementation of IoT, the buildings can aim to become “smart” and even “green buildings”.


Since buildings represent about 20-40% of the total energy consumed in developed countries, it is crucial that they focus on this primary goal of energy efficiency.


We maximize the use of IoT for energy efficiency to enhance building performance and sustainability.



Real-time monitoring

Optimize energy usage

Predictive Analytics

Smart control of equipment

Alerts and Notifications


Real-time energy management on both user and load level becomes critical for load balancing and energy efficiency reasons.


Every energy user and load should potentially be connected and controlled by the Grid in real time, providing information of energy consumption, production and control.


Internet of Things is the approach that enables real-time data to be communicated to and from the loads to central decision points.


Energy service providers along with Ecoprosus can then provide relevant energy management and efficiency services.


We work on ESCO model to minimise the impact on customers pocket.


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