Ecoprosus offers ETRACS which is essentially a computer-based remote energy monitoring and control system. It can monitor and control nodes spread over large distances using state-of-the-art wireless communication systems like GSM/CDMA/LORA.


Electrical Loads can be remotely controlled (Switched ON/OFF), Status can be verified remotely, the date can be acquired and other functions can be performed using Features and Benefits: Etracs can be very effectively used for Remote wireless tracking, monitoring and operation of street lights in a city.


ETRACS will perform the following functions: Switching time program Remote Time based Switching On/Off of Street Lights Remote Energy Tracking and Planning Precise monitoring of Energy consumed for street lighting Monitoring of Faulty Street Lights and ensuring a effective fault repair and servicing system Energy savings upto 50% Winner of Best Practice Award from Govt of Karnataka.


The objective of the project is to improve the energy efficiency and to reduce the operational and maintenance costs of the street lighting system of the cities.


The key purpose of this project activity is to control and monitor the energy consumption and wastage in the street lighting system with the adaptation of new techniques, incorporation of better energy efficiency and energy management technologies available in the market.


The project aims at overall reduction in the energy consumption and demand required to provide municipal lighting services without affecting the quality of lighting level. This project will lead to reduced GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Emissions because it will reduce the additional fossil fuels consumption required to generate the energy saved by this project, while maintaining or enhancing the service levels.


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