Ecoprosus and its partners have been providing innovative solutions to the unique challenges of the power industry. Our energy consulting team provides the expertise necessary to identify, analyse, interpret and offer contemporary, turn-key solutions to each client’s individual needs.


We are driven by the goal of providing affordability, reliability and efficiency to each and every client.


Let us help you through our design/build capabilities, energy audits, electrical safety audits, thermography and feasibility studies.


Our services begin with an initial assessment and consultation of your current energy usage.

We then provide ideas and recommendations to reduce your costs and increase your energy efficiency. These recommendations will form the basis for conducting an energy audit to more accurately calculate the savings expectations and Return On Investment (ROI).


The design aspect may include lighting designs, exoskeleton renovations, solar farm or solar panel projects, the design of other renewable alternatives such as wind or geothermal or provisions for new electrical schematics to include additional equipment or systems.


The build aspect is the integration or installation of recommended technologies, retrofits or upgrades and includes commissioning or re-commissioning of equipment.


measurement and verification of performance are conducted to ensure the savings, project goals and client expectations have been met.  We also provide these services separately acting as third-party consultants, professional installers or to provide Measurement and Verification (M&V) and analysis.


We will conduct an investment grade audit of your utility service accounts. The audit is performed at no up-front expense. Once this service is complete, Ecoprosus will provide you with a complete report of the historical accuracy of your utility charges.


Energy Cost Recovery and Reduction Services: We will identify errors and submit claims to the energy companies. We will undertake refund negotiations when necessary and any follow-up work needed to collect the refunds.  


We will arrange for the utility companies to credit refunds to your accounts or issue refund checks directly to you.  


We will also submit recommendations for savings opportunities and discuss these recommendations with you.  After approval by you, we will implement those recommendations you have chosen.


Our services include analyzing existing usage and costs, making recommendations for the plan and other cost improvements, and implementing the approved recommendations.  


Our programs can be applied to specific cost areas such as:

·       Electricity

·       Natural Gas

·       Propane, Oil, and Other Petroleum Fuels

·       Water & Wastewater

·       Municipal Street Lighting


Ecoprosus’s energy consulting team provides the objective, unbiased evaluation and analysis of the potential of your project through our team’s extensive investigation and research skills. 


It is through our feasibility studies that Ecoprosus will frame the discussion with each client to begin exploring items for specific renewable systems, biomass to energy systems and energy efficiency upgrades with details such as installation cost, components, system performance estimates, incentives, cash flow, Return on Investment (ROI), and environmental impact.


Our energy consulting team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to your business’ future.

Let us assign an expert to visit your site, conduct a detailed analysis and assess your options to provide you with the information you need to make energy efficient upgrades and expand your sustainable design opportunities


At Ecoprosus we are passionate about assisting our clients in going green. 


Our financing platforms are designed to pay for your energy projects through the savings of reduced energy. 


We have developed turn-key financing solutions with the ability to initiate projects in a matter of days versus months or even years. 


Ecoprosus has several business models to assist in implementing your energy projects with little to no up-front cost. 


At Ecoprosus we assist our clients by providing off-balance sheet financing and assume the risk by entering into either guaranteed savings, shared savings or equipment leasing arrangements.  


Please contact us today to learn more about our turn-key financing solutions.


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