ECOPROSUS uses its innovative Energy Efficiency Services  (EEES) with customers of all sizes to finance and own energy and water efficiency upgrade projects.


They can be large retrofits like lighting that scales across multiple sites and states, or more integrated transactions involving a diverse set of high-efficiency equipment and technology. 


All projects are streamlined and simplified by the ECOPROSUS financing solution, which provides customers with an open platform to utilize the type of equipment and service provider or contractor that best fits their needs.   


ECOPROSUS has revolutionized the way that energy, water and operational efficiencies are delivered to



Our efficiency as a service structure integrates the technical and financial services required to make your efficiency projects a triple bottom line success.


ECOPROSUS pays for all upfront project costs and is paid only when your project achieves actual savings.



ECOPROSUS projects use a combination of efficiency measures and technologies that generate the maximum electric, thermal and water savings as well as operational and environmental co-benefits.


  • Heating, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC) systems 

  • High-efficiency lighting 

  • Energy management systems 

  • Building automation systems 

  • Equipment & process controls

  • Water Efficiency (low flow fixtures and gray water)

  • Motors & pumps 

  • Refrigeration systems 

  • Boilers & furnaces 

  • Onsite cogeneration systems




Benefits of the ECOPROSUS Energy Efficiency Services(EEES)


The ECOPROSUS  ENERGY Efficiency Services provides a true pay-for-performance solution that's off-balance sheet and includes the opportunity to add services and new efficiency measures as they emerge over time.  


Accurate and relevant energy information is the foundation of any energy efficiency, renewable energy or integrated energy management plan. When robust energy information is available, public and private enterprises can make decisions that deliver meaningful savings and environmental benefits.


Ecoprosus offers a complete suite of asset and energy information tools that go beyond the standard energy data to provide continuous, real-time information about energy use that organizations can use to negotiate energy contracts, maintain carbon compliance and certifications or isolate poorly performing energy systems that can deliver measurable return on investment with energy upgrades.


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