Sherlocks Pub is a very popular Pub situated on the most Prominent thoroughfare of Bangalore – MG Road.


This pub is lighted by some very subtle lighting to create a very relaxed and romantic atmosphere. There was an urgent need to pep up the lighting a little bit to attract the younger clientele and also to make the place more lively.


The Pub management hired ECOPROSUS to execute a dynamic lighting concept for changing the theme based lighting to suit the mood and tempo of the pub.


A pilot was conducted for the central bar Table which was fitted with RGB Blue tooth enabled RGB Lighting controlled by an app from the mobile phone.


The lamps could light up in 16000 colours which were selectable using the inbuilt app.


This concept of Dynamic lighting changed the whole appearance of the PUB, to make it more vibrant and colourful.


Sales of this pub have gone up by 15% just by retrofitting our new lights


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