The worldwide reserves of conventional fossil fuels are limited and depleting, hence we have to rely on other sources of energy.


Fuel cells are receiving great attention nowadays mainly because their energy density than any other power source and these are the promising candidates to replace the conventional fossil fuels.


Fuel cells are a device which converts chemical energy directly into electrical energy. Fuel cells, due to their nature of the operation, are extremely quiet in operation.


This allows fuel cells to be used in residential or built-up areas where the noise pollution is undesirable. Fuel cells make much more efficient use of fuels than any other technologies such as reciprocating engines and gas turbines and generate no pollution such as nitrogen oxide (NOX), sulfur oxide (SOX), dramatically reduced carbon dioxide (CO2).


Among the various types of fuel cell, Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) is the only type which can be operated at room temperature. Since it uses a solid polymer membrane as the electrolyte, PEMFC can be used for portable as well as stationary application.



The objective of the company along with its principal company Elpro Energy is to come out with a fuel cell stack that is viable in terms of cost efficiency for the potential customer and also feasible in terms of fuel usage of the product thus saving the environment.


Also to bring high-efficiency fuel cells with low cost to the Indian markets.


The near objective is to fabricate a catalyst coating machine for PEM fuel cell electrode coating and to build a fuel cell test station to test the performance of the fuel cell at low cost. The in-house built fuel cell MEAs has been compared with the other MEAs.



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